United Protective Services

Our Services

Our trained officers provide security and safety for hundreds of clients throughout Texas. At United Protective we realize that no two clients are the same and each program is designed to meet the individual customized needs of each location.

Our service is the competitive edge. United Protective is responsible for the quality of the service we deliver. Quality service is no longer a luxury item for business. Whenever a discussion of quality service arises, the question of "The Customer is Always Right" seems to surface. Some believe that no one really buys into this policy in the real world. Others believe that the customer has to accept some responsibility in the service transaction. One truth that holds is that "The Customer is Always the Customer" and as such has the right to expect a minimum level of service from a company. At United Protective, we have defined specific skills to ensure service excellence. To successfully acquire the skills of service giving, we understand that our definition of service must not be too narrow. Service giving is more than what we do for our clients.

In some markets, United Protective provides patrol services to help with the prevention, deterrence and detection of vandalism and criminal activity. Our patrol officers are highly trained senior staff, who patrol your property in a marked vehicle.